Riyadh Japanese School

Welcome to the Riyadh Japanese School! With a rich history of over 36 years (third year of Reiwa), the Riyadh Japanese School moved to Cordoba Oasis Village Compound in 2018 for the welfare and security of our students. The school premises are spread across a number beautiful facilities, where students can enjoy learning, and have access to the recreation center and a library that has a collection of over 4000 books!

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Call us on: +966-11-248-3471 Ext.263 | riyadhjps@yahoo.co.jp | Instagram

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Cordoba Oasis Village

Qurtubah, AlYasmine District.
P.O.Box 61834, Riyadh, KSA
+966 11 248 3471
+966 11 248 3476


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